Aaron Curry

Bad Dimension

This catalogue constitutes the first monograph devoted to the artist. It contains illustrations of all the works on display in Bergamo and Hanover, together with a comprehensive selection of works from 2006.

Aaron Curry explores art history in the last century and the contemporary visual landscape through an intermingling of styles, forms and images blending past and present, avant-garde and mass culture.

He traces a history of human figuration for which Cubism and Surrealism are pivotal, but contaminates the reference to this tradition with a complex series of allusions to phenomena such as graffiti art, American folklore, sci-fi imagery and craftsmanship.

Curry sets into motion a continuous oscillation between the two-dimensional image and the language of sculpture, causing the memory of artists such as Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi and Henry Moore to converge in a broader reflection about both abstraction and the pop image.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Aaron Curry: Bad Dimension at Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo, September 2009 – January 2010, and at Kestnergesellschaft, Hanover, February – May 2010.

English text.

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