A Book of Pages

Yuen Fong Ling

Published on the occasion of an exhibition at i3 Gallery, Manchester, November 2002, A Book of Pages documents the work of artist and curator Yuen Fong Ling (b. 1972, Salford UK). Concerns shift from the culturally specific to more general. Overlying them all is an interest in the language used in contemporary lifestyle advertising, television and printed media.

The work in this handy pocket-sized publication is, as Padraig Timoney writes, ‘…both describing and operating at the point between the polarities of low culture and high culture‘. Yuen Fong Ling’s ten-year search for identity is an outward-looking inquiry which recognises that our nature derives from all the cultural forces that surround us, not just the ones we choose to privilege.

Published by i3/Aye-Aye Books.

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