Uri Aran

The themes found in the work of Uri Aran include the interrogation and redefinition of structures and models of communication, the material world, and interpersonal relationships.

His visually idiosyncratic and disconcerting videos, drawings, assemblages, texts, and sculptures hover on the boundary between the familiar and the strange. Aran’s narratives revolve around longing, identity, home, the everyday, sentimentality, and sadness, as well as dislocation and displacement.

By superimposing different temporal axes, linguistic structures, and material categories, he reconstructs, extends, and manipulates the idea of what constitutes a story, and subverts existing genres and hierarchies. In his work Aran explores humor, poetics, and the manipulation of popular objects.

This is the first monograph on Uri Aran’s multifaceted work and provides a comprehensive overview of his artistic production through a detailed selection of his works, numerous installation views, newly commissioned texts by Fionn Meade and Liam Gillick, as well as an interview by Beatrix Ruf, Niels Olsen and Fredi Fischli. The publication also contains a visual essay by the artist.

Between 2013 and 2014 Aran had UK solo shows at South London Gallery and Sadie Coles HQ, London, as well as participating in Liverpool Biennial 2014. This catalogue is published in the Kunsthalle Zürich series in collaboration with the South London Gallery.

English and German text.

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