6 Bestselling Art Books

Our 6 Bestselling Art Books looks at some of our top selling books from the past year.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to art books, particularly when faced with a list of titles that is as large as ours.

Be it a gift for a loved one or a present for yourself, these titles are are sure to do the trick.

In the book trade? Maybe you’re looking to start a new section in your shop, or perhaps you are opening a book shop or starting an art book offer in your gallery – this is a solid place to begin.

Even if you are a seasoned art book pro, there’s always room to miss things, so make sure you have the following 6 bestsellers on your shelf or in your shop.

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Image details: Inside image of ‘Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons’ published by Hayward Gallery to accompany the exhibition of the same name in 2023 – one of our bestselling titles of this year.


Posted on 21st May 2023
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