Joseph Beuys 100

“Here my idea is to declare that art is the only possibility for evolution, the only possibility to change the situation in the world. But then you have to enlarge the idea of art to include the whole creativity. And if you do that, it follows logically that every living being is an artist…”Joseph Beuys (1974)

Artist, Teacher, Activist, Shaman, Visionary… Beuys (1921–1986) needs little introduction. His presence still resonates with potency across culture, society and politics to this very day. Did you know – he was one of the founders of Die Grünen, the German Green Party…?

This year we celebrate the centenary of Beuys’ birth. The long-awaited Beuys 2021 festival is taking place across Germany, and related events are also happening elsewhere around Europe.

Joseph Beuys: Think. Act. Convey is the most recent book we have which explores the legacy of this important cultural icon.

Posted on 21st May 2021
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