Rotterdam’s centre for contemporary art changes its name

This month sees a name change for what used to be called Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam. They’re an international art centre that we have worked with for a long time, and are now to be known as Kunstinstituut Melly.

“Our Name Change Initiative involves more than solely renaming our institution. It has also entailed an ongoing diversification of the team and the creation of a new, freely accessible programming space, with an embedded collective learning methodology, among other actions […] This said, our institutional commitment to work towards a more inclusive society is ongoing and has no end date. We invite you to participate in this ongoing transformation.” 

Over the years, our Dutch friends have created lots of cultural projects in their home city and have collaborated with many notable artists including Angela Bulloch, Saâdane Afif, and Suzanne Kriemann.

We wish Kunstinstituut Melly the very best in the continuity of their crucial role as an agents for creative, social enrichment. The promise of more books to come from them is exciting for us! In the meantime, we recommend you see their impressive backlist of publications.


Image credit: courtesy of Kunstinstituut Melly
Posted on 29th January 2021
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