STAFF PICKS: Our Winter Hot List

We LOVE our books, and we’re PASSIONATE about our books. That’s a fact. But you know that already, right?

However, did you know that we have a special STAFF PICKS section on our website? It’s true, we do! We’re a team and we believe that sometimes a ‘personal touch’ makes all the difference, because we actually care. Every month we add new recommendations to the list.

So, here we’ve each decided to share our new winter season obsessions with you. Actually, on this occasion, one of our picks isn’t a book at all. But that makes this little endeavour all the more tantalising…

Bridget Riley: A Very Very Person. The Early Years“At last, the first biography of one of our greatest living artists. Although the book only covers her life up to her mid-thirties, it is a riveting study of a challenging childhood and the ensuing struggle to find her own way as an artist.” (HT)

Along Ecological Lines: Contemporary Art & Climate Crisis“Here at HOME sustainability is important to us. As well as being a fascinating insight into the work of environmentally engaged artists, this book is also made from compostable material. But make sure you read it first though, as this is the follow up to the hugely successful Elemental: an arts and ecology reader.” (DF)

Chantal Joffe: The Front of My Face“A self-portrait a day for a year! We barely manage to look at ourselves in the mirror some days, let alone study and paint ourselves. What a window into the daily thoughts and contemplation of an artist and what a challenging and revealing task to set yourself.” (CD)

Deconceptual Voicings“Love conceptual art? Love sound art? Love vinyl? Well, this superb limited edition LP is pretty much perfect for you. Allow your ears and mind to be invigorated by this ingenious sonic collage of the voices of the iconic Conceptualists themselves. Oh, and did we mention the rather splendid cover artwork by Ed Ruscha?” (JB)

The Brooks Press of Wirksworth: Chris Brooks“The images in this book really speak to me. They make me feel a longing to belong. They also make me smile.” (SD)

If you have any personal favourites on our beautiful and ever-bulging list of art titles, then why not let us know? Spread the love and tweet us! @CornerhousePubs #WeLoveArtBooks 


Image credit: Ed Ruscha, SCREAM (detail), 1964 (D.1964.09), tempera and pencil on paper, 34.9 x 30.50 cm. 
Artwork featured on the cover of, Deconceptual Voicings (published by Slimvolume and Mount Analogue, 2019).
Posted on 30th October 2019
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