Asia Triennial Manchester 2018 opens at HOME

We’re really pleased to announce that 2018’s Asia Triennial Manchester – Europe’s only Triennial dedicated to contemporary visual art concentrating on Asia as its theme – opens this Friday (5 October, 18:00 – 21:00) here at HOME, where there will be two come-and-see performances to share. First off is Masumi Saito’s KOMA followed by Qasim Riza Shaheen’s The day after the day before I sinned. Both are worthy of a visit, so if you are in the region then do come along. Click on the links to find out more, and for the full list of HOME ATM18 events and films see here.

#WeArePartOfHOME – did you know?

Running for two whole weeks (Fri 5 Oct – Sun 21 Oct) and in various other Manchester venues, there are lots of other things going on as part of ATM18. You can see the full programme here. Included is a book launch from artist Qasim Riza Shaheen for his new title, The Last Known Pose that is being held at MMU (Oxford Street, Sat 6 Oct, 16:00). It will include a conversation with the artist by HOME Artistic Director, Sarah Perks, and co-editors of the book, Mary Ann Hushiak and Monica B Pearl. Our very own HOME Bookshop will also be stocking this new title, so if you miss the launch then don’t despair. It will also become available to purchase online in the very near future. This will be the second of Shaheen’s books that we are pleased to be publishing and distributing. His first limited edition title, Nine Acts of Reciprocity presents more than 10 years of his artistic practice, so enables you to delve further.

HOME, and before that, Cornerhouse has been a loyal supporter of Asia Triennial Manchester and the artists, curators and academics involved. There have also been a string of interesting titles that have come out as a result of their various symposiums, events or exhibitions.

For example, Triennial City: Localising Asian Art with its large number of contributing artists, academics, arts organisers and curators illustrates how Manchester’s global connections, industrial past and migratory experience has allowed the triennial to develop, and thus served the city and intensified its cultural depth.

In 2014 one of the ATM exhibitions that was spread across 6 different venues of the city featured 30 major artists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as they responded to that year’s theme of ‘Conflict and Compassion’. Mostly taking Mainland China’s 2014 socio-economic vision of ‘no conflict’, or more poetically put – a harmonious society – as the exhibition focus, the book acts as a critical guide to the exhibition: Harmonious Society: Asia Triennial 2014.  In the same year, as part of the triennial’s symposium the authors of another resulting title, Conflict and Compassion, created a book discussing the art and artists that allude, or innovate the conflict of the pan-Asian world. This title is available in both hardback and softback editions.

One of the events for this year’s Triennial involves the work of Jai Chuhan (Remodel: Painting Studio, HOME, 15 – 21 October) which connects with her current show, Refuge at Gallery Oldham (now until 24 November 2018). For the HOME event, Chuhan will create her own open studio in the main gallery space, totally suffused in colour and sound, where visitors will be encouraged to directly interact. There will also be guest participants each day (17:00 – 19:00), adding to the rich creative atmosphere. Take a look at this link to find out more details. We will soon be stocking Chuhan’s new book, Jai Chuhan: Refuge which is related to these two events, and including critical texts about her work.

Asia Triennial Manchester is a rich cultural addition to the city’s exhibitions and events, spreading much further and beyond. Take time to visit the events this year, or grab a related book to delve further.

Posted on 2nd October 2018
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