Food, glorious food!

If the art of gastronomy is your thing, then this winter season we have a few warming treats for you. From arty dinners to wild foraging, and from food ecologies to British drinking culture, take a look what’s on our menu…

For decades she’s celebrated the liberalization of female sexuality in her work, and now artist Dorothy Iannone delivers this feminist spirit infused with food! The long-awaited Cookbook is a beautiful, faithfully reproduced facsimile of Iannone’s 1969 artist’s book. It features her recipe for gazpacho soup among many others, and a plethora of anecdotes and gorgeous, vibrant drawings. To be published in autumn 2018, this is definitely a book worth waiting for.

According to iconic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, “A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness”. Well we certainly think this is true of American chef, Mina Stone whose book, Cooking for Artists is surely evidence of her endorphin-raising alchemical abilities in the kitchen. The cookbook is filled with her superb family-style recipes, accompanied by mouth watering food photography and garnished with impromptu dinner table drawings and paintings by her celebrity artist friends such as Matthew Barney, Urs Fischer, and Elizabeth Peyton.

If you love seafood (like we do), then we certainly recommend the delightful Little Book of Cockles. Beautifully illustrated with drawings by artist Laurie Clarke, this rather cute pocketbook is written by award-winning chef, Carla Philips. It features her favourite recipes for this humble, ubiquitous shellfish, and it’s interspersed with a few local stories to read whilst you’re waiting for those simmer bubbles to emerge from the pan.

Ever been tempted to try some wild food foraging? Yes? Okay, well how about trying a recipe for Grey Mullet and Hair Soy sauce? Hmmmm, perhaps a step too far?! Well, that along with a number of other unusual culinary experiments are explored in, Talking Dirty. Tongue First! Recipes from the Mouth of the Thames. It’s a fascinating little book with a ecological ethos which brings together citizen science, local food knowledge, environmental chemistry, communal cooking, and much more. Try it; you just might like it!

Apparently, the British pop singer and actress, Paloma Faith has been cast as the female lead in the new, forthcoming Peter Greenaway film. Who would’ve thought?! It’s called, The Food of Love and we have the film script book (along with all Greenaway’s other scripts, published by Dis Voir). The controversial enfant terrible of British art-house cinema often plays with the themes and motifs of food in his films. It’s likely, The Food of Love will be somehow faithful to his gastronomic obsessions, not least, because it’s being described as an unofficial sequel to his iconic 1989 film, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. We can’t wait to see it!

The British are renowned for their ‘drinking culture’. For better or worse, we have gained a certain reputation for it. Some would say that alcoholic beverages are best appreciated accompanied by appropriate food. Some however would  disagree! Adam Dant’s large-scale cartoon-like drawings are a brilliant social commentary on this ‘state of our habit’. Superbly reproduced in his book, Dant on Drink these artworks are inspired by the moral satire of the work of Old Masters such as William Hogarth and Peter Bruegel. So we say, “Cheers! To good health!”

Image credit: Mina Stone recipe. Roasted Carrots with Avocado, Cilantro, and Lime (detail), from the book Cooking for Artists.
Posted on 8th December 2017
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