London Book Fair 2017

We are busy getting ready for the publishing world’s annual trade get together – the London Book Fair 2017 – which is being held at Olympia next week. It opens on Tuesday 14 March and runs until Wednesday (16 March).

This year we have decided not to have a stand, but are going to attend as delegates instead, as it means we can be much more flexible.

Many of our trade colleagues working in the same ‘art book’ field will be at the fair, so we are really looking forward to meeting with them to discuss the current shifting trends. We’ll also meet with our distribution partner NBN International, sales reps (Henry Thompson Books and Signature Books), and other book trade professionals. Additionally we’re taking the chance to meet with some of our London-based publishers, so it should be a fantastic opportunity to get together face-to-face with people we collaborate with on a daily basis. We’ll find out what they’ve got coming up and discuss our plans.

Watch this space, as we hope to give you a report about our travels, so you get an idea of what we’ve been up to! We’ll also be tweeting from the fair, especially if we get to hear any juicy bits of information.

See this link to find out more about what’s on during the fair – London Book Fair 2017.

Posted on 6th March 2017
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