Celebrate HOME’s opening of their ¡Viva! Spanish & Latin American Festival

As you know, we are part of international arts centre, HOME, based in Manchester, England. And as usual, there’s lots of exciting things going on at HOME this week including the opening of our ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Festival on Friday 31st March (running until Monday 17 April) . So to get everyone in the mood, we are highlighting books on our list that have a related Spanish or Latin theme.

We’ve steered clear from the absolutely obvious, in order to pick out titles that you may not already be aware of, and to make you explore our list in more depth. We really do have a fantastic collection of over 4000 titles to choose from.

So here is our latest  ¡Viva! ‘themed’ selection, for your perusal:

selgascano: Serpentine Pavilion 2015

Ordinary Revolutions: Contemporary Latin American Art

Armando Andrade Tudela: Efectiviwonder

Eduardo Chillida: Boundaries Slip Away: Early Prints

The Peripatetic School: Itinerant Drawing from Latin America

Ticio Escobar: The Invention of Distance

Beyond the Fantastic: Contemporary Art Criticism from Latin America

Carnival of Selection: Selected Writings on Art

Resistance Performed: An Anthology on Aesthetic Strategies under Repressive Systems in Latin America

Secundino Hernandez

Spain is Different: Post-Pop and the New Image in Spain

Ignassi Abali: 0-24h

Dark Habits, the book to accompany HOME’s La Movida exhibition, being shown as part of the ¡Viva! 2017 festival, will soon be available to purchase too.  The exhibition opens on 14 April (until Mon 17 July 2017).

Don’t forget, HOME’s ¡Viva! festival runs from Friday 31 March – Monday 17 April 2017. If you get chance to come and join in the fun as we’d love to see you there!



Posted on 28th March 2017
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