New titles

I SCREAM DADDIO Sarah Lucas, £25.00
Transactions of Desire (Volume 1), £6.99
You Are Here Art After the Internet , £15.95
Francesco Clemente Emblems of Transformation, £40.00
Pavel Büchler (Honest) Work, £15.00
Artists for Ikon £14.95
Nástio Mosquito Daily Lovemaking, £10.00
Matt Calderwood £14.95
Dawn Ades Writings on Art and Anti-Art, £20.00
Willy Maywald Photographer and Cosmopolitan. Portraits, Fashion, Reportage, £37.50
Personal Structures Crossing Borders (Venice 2015), £35.00
Kader Attia £30.00
Peter Fischli & David Weiss Plötzlich diese Übersicht (Catalogue Raisonné), £45.00
Planning Unplanned Towards a new function of art in society, £25.00
Berlinde de Bruyckere The Embalmer, £35.00
Character Is Fate Piet Mondrian’s Horoscope, £30.00